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Car/Truck Accident

Statistics on Car Accidents

More than six million car accidents occur in the United States each year, killing more than 40,000 people. Car collisions are very common and often result in injuries. In fact, the leading acquired disability in the United States is car collisions. Personal injury can occur in various ways, shapes, and sizes, varying from simple cuts and bruising to more serious muscle and tendon damage, such as herniated or slipped disks and dislocated or broken bones. More than 25% of amputations are the result of incorrect treatment during a serious injury, some of which have even led to death.

When other people’s negligence or mistakes cause serious damage, insurance companies generally seek a quick but cheap settlement. Our car/truck accident attorneys can help. If you were seriously injured in an accident, contact us now to arrange for a free consultation. Our lawyers are experienced and will work diligently to fulfill their commitment to providing you with exceptional representation. We will help you deal with annoying insurance companies, preventing them from pressuring you into a cheaper and unfair price.


Most insurance companies push for a quick settlement because they know they are at fault. In fact, they employ car/truck accident attorneys to cheat you out of your well-deserved compensation. If you feel like you are being harassed or taken advantage of, please contact us now for representation.  Our car/truck accident attorneys will assist you with all your needs and will advise you through the rough and painful path of dealing with a personal injury.


What are the major differences between car accidents and truck accidents?

Obviously, getting into an accident with a huge 18-wheeler can lead to much more of an impact.  Some of the trucks on the road can weigh over 80,000 pounds.   A collision between a big rig and any vehicle can lead to deadly consequences.   More importantly, however, truckers and their companies are required to follow strict rules set forth by the vehicle code sections.  If these rules aren't followed it can make the case for the plaintiff easier to win.  

How is the government making the roads safer?

The trucking companies are required to follow regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.   Truck drivers must keep a driver's log of all the hours they drove.   They are not allowed to driver more than 11 hours straight and they have to take a 10-hour break after 14 hours of duty.   Truckers can't drive more than 60 hours a week.  

There is no doubt that trucking accidents lead to larger settlements.   Not only because the injuries tend to be more serious, but because trucking companies are required to carry large insurance policies.    The amount they are required to keep depends on what they are hauling and it is designed to be able to cover injured parties for all their damages.  

Are trucking companies required to follow more safety laws?

Yes.   Certain laws have been put in place over the years to protect people from negligent truck drivers.   For example, truckers are only allowed to drive so many hours until they must take a break, there are weight requirements for their cargo and they are can't drive at unsafe speeds.   This is why you need an experienced truck accident lawyer to navigate through this process and build the strongest case for you.

How much compensation can I recover in a truck accident case?

The amount you can recover depends on your injuries and medical expenses. Plaintiffs can recover for pain and suffering, lost income for both the past and future along with medical expenses.  Punitive damages are also possible in certain cases depending on how reckless the conduct of the defendant was. 

Who pays for my medical bills if I'm injured in a truck accident?

In most cases, the trucking company won't immediately pay your medical bills.   Your insurance company will pay for the damages and then later get refunded from the defendant's insurance company.   It is really important that you do not give a statement to anyone, including the trucking company and the insurance company.   Anything you say can be used to later impeach you in a trial, so it's important to get an attorney ASAP that can speak for you.   The less you say, the less they can use against you.  What you say can certainly limit your recovery.  

Should I hire a truck accident attorney if I am injured in a truck accident case?    

Absolutely.  The insurance companies are hoping you don't hire a truck accident attorney so they can talk you into a quick settlement.   These companies are happy to take money from clients, but when it comes to paying it out, they will fight you tooth and nail.   They aren't in business to give money back so they will do what they can to give you the least amount possible.    It is important to hire an experienced car/truck accident attorney at tRoberts Legal Group.  Our job is to establish that the insurance companies are at fault for your injuries and we do that by collecting all the evidence and documenting liability.   If you live nearby Modesto or Stockton area and you need an experienced car/truck accident attorney call Roberts Legal Group today!

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