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Defective Products

Consumers often throw away malfunctioning or broken products. However, if defective hardware resulted in injury, you can claim your expenses. It is extremely important that you keep the damaged product as well as copies of all your expenses. Don’t let a retailer’s or distributor’s negligence result in tragedy. Claim what is rightfully yours and get the treatment you deserve. Call our personal injury lawyers now for representation for any accident caused by malfunctioning equipment or household items.


Industrial Hardware Malfunction

Industrial hardware can be extremely dangerous and result in injuries from grinding and injecting molding machines, hydraulic presses, punch presses and shear presses. Incorrect or insufficient safety warnings exacerbate the problem, and you may be eligible for worker’s compensation.


Consumer Product Malfunction

Defective products can include medical devices that injure or kill, toys with hazardous materials (e.g., lead), cosmetics or household items that do not list known side effects on the packaging, and aftermarket products for cars or motorcycles that are not appropriately safety tested.  A good personal injury lawyer will know how to navigate this process and get you the most compensation for your injury.


When we buy products, we expect them to work properly and not cause harm while being used. The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring the safety of all the products being sold. If you have been injured by a faulty product, you are likely eligible for a claim from either the store where it was purchased or the distributing manufacturer—or both.  Our personal injury lawyers will investigate your case and fight for your consumer rights, earning your well-deserved compensation for all your possible injuries.


If you are nearby Modesto or Stockton and you need an accident/injury attorney for any matter, call Roberts Legal Group today for a free consultation!

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