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Burn Injuries

Injuries from accidents involving fire can result in some of the most horrible experiences for individuals as the recovery process can be agonizing, requiring intense medical attention. Burns resulting from such accidents typically require skin graphs and plastic surgery, which often leave scars. Thus, compensation will often include both physical and mental damages stemming from such accidents. 

Our San Diego attorneys will do everything we can to fight for compensation as well as fair treatment for your suffering. We know that no amount of money will heal all the scars and painful experiences.  However, our goal is to do everything in our power to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Possible Burn Injuries

A burn injury can result from electric shock, gas explosions, chemical exposure and most commonly-fires. Fire injuries generally include more than one party. For example, a gas explosion may have occurred due to a malfunctioning gas pipe or improper assembly of a stove. Exposure to harmful gases or fumes can further complicate the situation. Your employer may not have had sufficient warnings of potentially harmful materials, resulting in serious injuries while putting them at fault.

Work-Related Burns Or Injuries

Worker’s compensation is meant to provide compensation for injuries or exposure to harm while at work. Even if the injury was not caused by the employer or employee, you may still be entitled to a claim. Mishaps involving equipment or tools fall under the strict law of liability, entitling you to financial compensation for any injuries.

Get what you deserve. The possible scenarios resulting in harm to you are numerous. Whether a household burn or more serious damage from chemicals or fire, you can be eligible for a claim. Protect your rights and let us help you. Don’t hesitate to call the Law Office of Ben Roberts if you feel like you are a victim and believe that you are eligible for compensation due to other people’s wrongdoing.

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